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T. Small

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Matthew Cassette

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Lorrie Ferringer

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Lance Mcclaskey

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Jessie K.

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“I return once again to your website and as a customer since you first sold one on these “wrapped blessing”, I am happy to see the progress of your endeavors. I really hope you continue producing these bars because they are wholly great. Love my Grab 1 nutrition bars.”
David R.

“I am so unbelievably excited to have found this website! Having lost 70lbs on LA Weight Loss, worked for them and even did an infomercial for them, I was so disheartened when they disappeared over night. I had managed to maintain my weight loss for 3 years, have a baby and lose the weight again only with the help of the LA Lites. Now, that I have found Grab1Bars, I feel like an important missing piece of my diet has returned and they are so much more afforadable!!! I am hooked for life!!!”

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