The History of Our Delicious Nutrition Bars

Grab 1 was started by group of individuals have been on the LA Weight loss program for many years.

We especially loved the LA Lites. The fact that we had a prepared meal replacement and/or protein snack bar ready to go at anytime of the day, was a great plus. We all lost weight and maintained our weight with the help of these nutrition bars as we felt satisfied and in control. The nutrition bars are a great idea to curb the cravings for something sweet while loading up with soy protein, fiber and good carbs.

After the LA Lites centers closed down in our area without any advance notice, we found a wonderful food manufacturer who was able to duplicate the LA Lites for us. We sent samples of the new protein bars to our friends and former counselors of LA Weight loss and, together, with everyone tasting and giving their “input” we were successful in making these five delicious flavors thus far. 

More recently, we have added to our choice of flavors for the healthful nutrition bars and we now offer nutrition bars in eight delicious flavors! These nutrition bars are contain 0g trans fat, are made of whole grain rolled oats, a good source of fiber, and contain no high fructose corn syrup! All this and the delicious tasting flavors, make these protein bars delicious, nutritious, and great meal replacement bars.

To date we have hundreds of very satisfied customers. We have been selling our Grab 1 Nutrition bars since September 2008. Most of our customers who had been using the LA Lites are very happy with Grab 1 Nutrition Bars. Our bars are constantly manufactured so that you can be assured that you are receiving a fresh shipment of protein bars all the time. They are so economical - less than half the price of the current LA Lites and are priced way better that other competitive bars such as Medifast, Nugo, and other healthy snack bars.

These bars work with many diet programs as well. Great meal replacement bars for Weight Watchers dieters!!!

The folks at Grab 1 Bar want to thank you for choosing to manage your weight with our nutrition bars. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Healthy Nutrition Bar Sampler

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I switched from LA Weight Loss and I've saved hundreds. Grab1 Bars are delicious and nutritious!

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